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Nairobi, Kenya – December 11, 2018 – The African Heritage House has announced the launch of African Twilight, a double-volume opus by Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith. Fisher and Beckwith, who have published17 books on African culture over an expansive career, have spent over 40 years traversing the African continent photographing the vanishing rituals, ceremonies and cultures of Africa. Their latest work, African Twilight, will be launched on March 3, 2019. Festivities for the launch will commence at the Kenya Railway Museum at 2:30pm, where guests will board the train to the African Heritage House – now a national monument – for the official celebration. Guides and secured parking will be available at the Railway Museum.

Alan Donovan, co-founder of African Heritage Galleries, with former Vice President Joseph Murumbi and his wife Sheila, will reconstruct Kenya's African Heritage Festival, which has traveled the world with its troupe of models, musicians, dancers, and acrobats, in honor of the occasion. Former stars of African Heritage will dazzle audiences, including Khadija Adam, former Miss Africa, who went from an African Heritage Night honoring Angela Fisher's first book, Africa Adorned, to the catwalk of Yves St. Laurent as his first African lead model. Africa’s most famous model, Iman, also got her start at African Heritage, alongside countless others who will be in attendance. African Twilight will bring together this galaxy of stars once more to honor Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith, without whom, many of the most significant ceremonies of Africa would have been lost for future generations.

The train ride to African Heritage House will be limited to 300 persons. Guests may book in advance by emailing ahalan@africaonline, or calling 0721-518389. Tickets for groups of 10 or more are KSH. 7000 or less than 10 at KSH. 7500. All proceeds will go toward the continued support and rehabilitation of the Murumbi Legacy projects under the direction of Alan Donovan, including: The Murumbi Peace Memorial at City Park, The Murumbi Gallery and Libraries at the Kenya National Archive, The Murumbi African Heritage Collections at Nairobi Gallery, and the African Heritage House.

The African Twilight exhibition of prints will take place at the National Museums of Kenya Nairobi Gallery, next to Nyayo House with a private parking lot. Prints by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher will be available from December 16, 2018 - March 15, 2019. Fisher and Beckwith will be on hand to sign books and prints during the latter part of February (to be announced).

For more information on African Twilight, Angela Fisher, Carol Beckwith, or the African Heritage House, please visit: https://africanheritagebook.com/carol-beckwith-angela-fisher-african-twilight/.

About African Heritage House
The African Heritage House, overlooking the Nairobi National Park and designed by American Alan Donovan, co-founder of the African Heritage Pan African Galleries, is a combination of the mud architectures from across Africa. The house is available for tours, meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinners on the rooftop or by the refreshing pool), conferences/functions, as well as overnight stays in its luxurious rooms, filled with African art and furnishings with modern appointments.

About Alan Donovan
Alan Donovan, co-founder of African Heritage in Nairobi and founder of African Heritage House, has been showing works by Pioneer artists of Africa for the past 5 years. Currently, Donovan hosts an exhibition of nine pioneer women artists of East Africa. Previously, he hosted a Nigerian Festival that has been featured in several venues of Nairobi over the past year. The festival celebrates the 50th Anniversary of artwork from Oshogbo Nigeria and coincides with Donovan’s 50 years living in Africa, having arrived in Nigeria in 1967. He bought his first work of African contemporary art at Oshogbo in 1967 and has since worked closely with Nike Davies-Okundaye who is reviving the age-old textile arts of Nigeria. She opened Donovan’s Nigerian exhibition which features handmade ADIRE indigo dyed textiles. Nike Davies-Okundaye now owns NIKE gallery in Lagos, the largest in Nigeria, and was recently featured by Richard Quest on CNN.

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